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No Lectures, No Judgement. Smiles Guaranteed!

Each member of our team is chosen based upon their credentials, chairside demeanor, and passion for providing the finest in personalized dental care, ensuring the total comfort and satisfaction of each individual patient.

Dr. Nathan Jeal
Dr. Nathan Jeal
Dental Office Owner

Dr. Nathan Jeal

If you appreciate quality and excellence then our office is very likely to please. I believe in staying current which is why we have invested in technology that only a handful of dentists in the province know how to use.

Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen
Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen
Dental Office Owner

Dr. B.T Nguyen

I truly love to help patients see the possibilities for themselves. It’s my goal for patients to feel empowered to make decisions for their oral health taking into account my unique experience and expertise in achieving results.

Why So Many Choose Us First

On Time Dentistry

No more waiting to be seen. You can count on being seated right away and getting a quick response to what’s important for you.

Quality First

Do it once, do it right. You deserve lasting results so we chose the right people, the right technology and the right materials to make it a reality.

Guaranteed Results

We stand behind what we do. That means when you take care of your smile, you can expect your dental work to stand the test of time too.

Dr. Nathan Jeal

Who is Dr. Nathan Jeal?

My passion and expertise is creating beautiful smiles that stand the test of time. Sounds like something all dentists should do right? Well the truth is very few have the eye for top notch aesthetics. I’ve been a top provider of Invisalign for years, treating more adults with Invisalign than any dentist between Toronto and Calgary. That gives some unique perspective that others just don’t have.

My training in dentistry was at The University of Manitoba (DMD & BSc Dent). Prior to that I completed two Bachelors degrees at The University of Winnipeg (BA, BSc). In the years since I’ve had opportunity to learn from many of the best in the business across North America.

Another passion of mine is teaching other dentists and I’ve presented lectures to thousands of my colleagues in places including in San Antonio, Nashville, Dallas, Miami, San Diego and lovely Las Vegas. This year I’ll be teaching dentists in Australia and New Zealand too!

This is also why I’m a member of the following associations: Academy of General Dentistry, Manitoba Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics, American Academy of Clear Aligners, CEREC Doctors.

The best dentists are always learning, which is why I have advanced training in dental implant surgery, digital cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign clear orthodontics.

Outside of the office I enjoy camping, cycling, tennis, boxing, and spending time with family. Hope to meet you sometime soon!

Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen

Who is Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen?

I have a special interest in cosmetic orthodontics and related aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. It’s a great feeling to be able to help someone who has struggled with appearance related dental issues. If you haven’t, it may be hard to understand, but for the people who do struggle with these issues (often from childhood) you’ll know exactly what I mean. There are so many ways to change people’s lives and improve confidence, self-esteem and quality of life. With all the social media frenzy and hype around appearance, more and more of my patients are coming in strictly looking for the perfect smile.

As an immigrant to Canada I learned the value of hard work. As a child in a refugee camp I learned that I want to help people live their fullest life, which I why I decided to become a dentist.

I earned my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of Manitoba and since then have become one of the only Premier Level Providers of Invisalign on the Prairies. No accident! In addition to being an top level orthodontic provider I’m also a member of the Canadian Dental Association, Manitoba Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics.

Through extensive continuing education I have gained additional knowledge about periodontal and oral surgery. I study design, colour, and aesthetics in art, and apply this artistic leaning to my smile makeovers which are life-changing for the people I work with.

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Patient Reviews:

I started my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Jeal in February this year. I got my retainer in October. The whole treatment is very efficient and effective. It only takes 8 months to get to the result I want which is very impressive. Dr. Jeal and the staff are super patient. The plan also includes a lot of additional treatments such as teeth cleaning and whitening. I do recommend to get your Invisalign treatment here as the price is reasonable and you get really good service.
Selena Tg
Selena T.
I have been seeing Dr.Jeal and his team @ Winnipeg Square Dental for approx 2 years. I am a real person with a real job and real life around me. The team at WSD really did change my life. Not only do they operate with honesty and integrity, they also make you feel like you are definately at the right place. They treat me like they remember my name, because they actually do. Every quote I have recieved (3 so far) has turned into a much smaller bill as they will only do what's nescassary. The smile I got from these folks is much more than I could ever have hoped. I would recommend Winnipeg Square Dental to everyone I know, they will not dissapoint. Truly great people, Thank you WSD :)
kevin schmitke
kevin S.
I first reached out to Winnipeg Square Dental years ago about the Invisalign treatment. I was hesitant and unsure due to the commitment and finances it required. Charlene was someone I was in regular contact in. There was never any pressure - in fact, I never felt judged, I felt taken care of and understood with my apprehensions. I am actually now finished my Invisalign journey, and the results are this beautiful smile I have always dreamed about having. The results are priceless. I cannot even begin how good it feels to smile! I had always been insecure to smile with my teeth - making it a habit to cover my mouth whenever I smiled. I deeply appreciate and feel so much gratitude to the team at Winnipeg Square Dental Centre, to Alyssa and Dr. Jeal. Especially to my favourite human being, Charlene. Thanks for being the awesome individuals you all are.
Truly a unique and wonderful environment; I came in hesitant and nervous about the Invisalign treatment but throughout the course of the year everyone at Winnipeg Square Dental has made me feel comfortable and welcomed. A big shoutout to everyone who works there in helping me feel confident about my smile and making a huge difference in my life!
Lahai Amara
Lahai A.
My experience with Winnipeg Square Dental has been fantastic. They keep me informed of procedures, ensure I am comfortable, and are always ready to help with a smile. Their pandemic protocols inspire confidence and I recommend them to anyone looking for dental care.
Janelle Torgerson
Janelle T.
I Love Winnipeg Square Dental. All Staff are so accommodating, friendly, genuinely care about all of there patients. I was extremely self conscious about my smile and wasn't sure what direction to go in. Invisalign was recommended and the process to get me started was amazing. I'm half way through my Invisalign treatment and i'm having an amazing experience thanks to Dr Jeal and his assistant. Can't wait for the final product. I would highly recommend this dental office as they treat you like their own! my experience thus far as been amazing. Thank you to all the staff at Winnipeg Dental square centre.
Nikki Henry
Nikki H.
Winnipeg Square Dental Centre

Winnipeg Square Dental Centre No Lectures, No Judgement. Smiles Guaranteed!

Hey, we know life gets busy. Between all the things you have going on every day, taking perfect care of your teeth is bound to be forgotten once in a while.

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Google Rating
Based on 237 reviews

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